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The best pictures to work from are those which are very clear with good lighting. 

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I accept 50% Depoisit 

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Prices may differ from piece to piece.


Artwork can be shipped worldwide. Shipping is included in the prices above for US orders only. Delivery arrangements may be possible for local orders! 

PayPal Orders: 

When you are ready to make a payment through Paypal please let me know and I will send you a payment request with a break down of pricing. You DO NOT need a paypal account in order to send a payment through Paypal.


I works from photos provided by the you. If you do not have a photo of the desired pose, I can work with you using a series of photos to create one.  Separate images can be used to place a number of subjects together in one portrait. Photos can be sent through e-mail, or through the MikeFritzArt Facebook page. Please provide CLEAR, QUALITY digital photos. Larger photos help to provide the me with the detail needed to create a realistic lifelike portrait.

Your satisfaction with the artwork is most important!